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Cloudera Professional services   

Unlocking the value of your data is crucial throughout your data-driven journey. InfoFlow's Cloudera Professional Services helps move your Cloudera deployment from pilot to production quickly, painlessly, at lower cost, and with peak performance.

Optimise at every stage of your data journey

Throughout your data-driven journey, InfoFlow's Cloudera SmartServices provide you the right offerings and support for each stag ; from launching to accelerating and expanding your deployment. We partner with you to provide hands-on technical insight and advice, and let you benefit from our widest real-world experience and most capable technical experts.

InfoFlow has all the resources your organisation needs — including the tools and accelerators, the industry's leading data management-specific methodology, and the most experienced team — to successfully guide your projects from strategy to completion. We deliver the project 'right first time' and leave behind a reusable platform that makes each subsequent project easier.

Shorten your time to production and value

A Cloudera deployment certified to our tried and tested requirements stands up faster, with less risk, and at lower cost. We provide onsite support to design, prototype, deploy, secure, and optimise the complete data pipeline from data acquisition to data science. We also offer expertise in related technologies, including web servers, distributed logging, message buses, search indexing, and databases.

Realise the full value of your data

Our goal is to ensure your infrastructure outperforms standards at every stage of your organisation's journey to becoming truly data-driven. InfoFlow's Cloudera Solutions Architects represent one of the industry’s most significant knowledge bases, built over the course of hundreds of deployments across all industries. With this background, they can configure your cluster with optimal use-case specifications, fine-tune to avoid downstream issues, and prepare your organisation for its next step in the data journey.

What We Do

High impact engagements for customers across Africa deliver a full range of professional services, based on our proven implementation methodology,
to help you maximise the value of Cloudera.

Partner of choice

High-impact project expertise in industry-leading data management solutions customised to deliver on your enterprise's data management needs. Beyond the integration and configuration of next-generation solutions, InfoFlow will partner with you to conduct a free assessment of your environment, support the development of your data management roadmap, and optimise your data management programme through ongoing support, maintenance and specialist training

Shorten time to value

As the pace of business speeds up and the velocity of data from the Internet of Things increases, organisations are finding it increasingly difficult to capture and process big data in real time without either expensive, manual processes or the integration of fragmented point solutions. A systematic approach to big data management enables you to quickly and repeatably get more business value from more big data without more risk.

Seamlessly integrate data from old and new worlds

Extend your data integration from existing on-premises systems to the cloud, big data, IoT systems, and new enterprise applications and databases swiftly, painlessly, and cost-effectively. Use the single data integration system with high-performance processing and connectors to everything you need.

Reduce technical complexity and improve business agility

A modern hybrid data integration hub architecture enables organisations to eliminate point-to-point integration, reduce complexity, and improve overall optimization while providing self-service access for distributed teams.

Self-service governed data

Self-service data preparation enables faster business access to more trusted insights so the right people get the right data at the right time. Our risk-centric approach to protecting big data automatically classifies sensitive data and proactively detects threats of unauthorized data access or proliferation. Based upon assessments, data can be non-intrusively protected for secure access to contextual information.

Improve trust and understanding of data

Enable business users to find the most relevant and trusted data with governance and lineage through metadata.