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Informatica’s comprehensive data engineering portfolio provides everything you need to process and prepare big data engineering workloads to fuel AI and analytics: robust data integration, data quality, streaming, masking, and data preparation capabilities.

End-to-End Data Engineering with Informatica Data engineers can help data scientists and data analysts by:
Finding the right data and making it available in their environment
Ensuring the data is trusted and sensitive data is masked
Operationalizing data pipelines and helping everyone spend less time preparing data

Data Engineering Products:
Data Engineering Integration
Data Engineering Streaming
Enterprise Data Preparation
Data Engineering Quality
Data Masking
Enterprise Data Catalog
Cloud Mass Ingestion

Whether your data is multi-cloud, hybrid, or on-premises, our hybrid data integration products integrate all of your data and applications, in batch or real time. Integrate data and applications in minutes and support new and complex integration patterns easily. Get high performance, reliability, and near-universal connectivity for your mission-critical business processes.

Data Integration Products:
Advanced Data Transformation
B2B Data Exchange
Enterprise Data Catalog
Ultra Messaging
Integration Hub
Connectors (PowerExchange)

Regardless of whether your data is structured or unstructured or your data is on-premises or in the cloud, it needs to be trusted. Deliver business value by ensuring that all key initiatives and processes are fueled with relevant, timely and trustworthy data.

Organizations face immense pressure when it comes to regulations around the world, especially as new ones emerge such as GDPR. Businesses must select solutions that address their data quality issues holistically and on a consistent basis.

With Informatica Data Quality and Governance portfolio, you can increase business value by ensuring that all key initiatives and processes are fueled with relevant, timely, and trustworthy data.

Data Quality Products:
Informatica Data Quality
Axon Data Governance
Data as a Service
Cloud Data Quality
Data Engineering Quality
Enterprise Data Catalog

Organizations are transforming with Cloud Modernization, Big Data, Customer Centricity and Data Governance. The foundation for these initiatives is critical business data, that allows organizations to deliver faster, more effective services and products for their customers. But, managing and controlling this data is key to business continuity and the management of business risk.

First, most have limited intelligence of their customer data, its location, risk, and proliferation; moreover, they do not understand who is accessing the data, how it is protected and if there is suspicious use or access. Organizations need this intelligence to guide security, compliance and governance investments and decisions. Additionally, they can not ascertain compliance without understanding the risk of their regulated data; they need to track regulation compliance risk and automate its remediation.

In addition, despite the investment of billions of dollars for information security and governance, organizations struggle to understand and protect their most valuable assets: confidential and sensitive data.

Understanding sensitive data risk is key. Data risk analysis includes discovering, identifying, and classifying it, so data stewards can take tactical and strategic steps to ensure data is safe.

Data Privacy Products:
Informatica Data Privacy Management
Data Masking
Test Data Management
Data Archive

A master data management solution is the glue that binds your systems and information together. It’s the single source of truth for your data-driven digital transformation, providing trusted, accurate, complete data for your customer experience program, marketing and sales operations, omnichannel retailing, supply chain optimization, governance efforts, compliance initiatives, and more.

Master Data Management Products:
Multidomain MDM
Identity Resolution
Reference 360
Customer 360 Insights
Product 360 (PIM)
Supplier 360