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As an InfoFlow professional, your working environments will be as diverse as the industries we serve and expertise we offer our clients. Through project work, internal communities or through our extensive computer-based information resources, you can always find a way to share your skills and experiences and learn from others.

Our Culture

To achieve success, support is crucial, and KID strives to give the very best. Access to rich information and resources, revolutionary technology and a network of more than 100 great people all combine to provide a stimulating, supportive professional environment in which to build your career.

  • The Values of InfoFlow

    InfoFlow's values are based on openness, respect and equality regardless of the religion, sex, race, age, etc. These core values help us build a friendly working environment, where all the employees can feel comfortable and significant. We believe that the more comfort you get, the better results you'll produce.

    Members of our staff are allowed flexibility in their working hours based on client expectations. Such a strategy allows us to make the most of each employee's potential, as they work when they are maximally productive.

  • Diversity of Learning Opportunities at InfoFlow

    We have an extremely diverse workforce, but we are united by a common culture. We promote an inclusive, collaborative and entrepreneurial environment where people use teamwork, respect and trust to achieve our and their goals.

    Infoflow strives to attract and retain the best people and provide an environment where they can all develop professionally and build rewarding careers. As a result, we have an environment rich in diversity that acknowledges each individual's uniqueness, values his or her skills and contributions, and promotes respect, personal achievement and stewardship.

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